Episode 003: Wendy Marsman

In this episode I speak with former missionary Wendy Marsman about her journey out of religion, into the atheist movement, and then out of the atheist movement. To hear more about Wendy’s story, go to http://justuswomen.co/.


3 thoughts on “Episode 003: Wendy Marsman”

  1. This episode was particularly timely. As a youngish atheist mother, I wonder if the atheist banner is what I want to raise my daughters under. I wonder if my labor is well spent, and when my atheist heroes will betray my trust. I was raised as an Atheist, but as a female, the landscape has always been bleak and lonely. Either way, I’m going against my best interests. Thank you for this episode.

  2. Every organization or identity-based grouping has its racists, rapists, & pedophiles, and atheism is of course not exempt. Godless Mama you melt my butter, and I hope your voice continues to mold those who share my latter-life identity for the better.

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