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Godless Mama is a liberal, atheist, anti-theist writer and parent seeking to make the world a better place through the spread of secularism and the exposing of the harms of religion. In addition to, she contributes to a number of other political and atheist pages and blogs.

I Have Some Bad News

This is a modified and updated version of a similar list I posted in February 2016.  The bad news for some people will be that they see some of their closely held beliefs being contradicted here.  For my part the … Continue reading

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Let Change Begin With Me

I believe that the only hope for humanity lies in the embrace of evidence-based thinking. Whether the subject is religion or science or politics or anything in between, an earnest desire to ascertain reality demands that we seek the best … Continue reading

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The Virtueless Troll

I admit I feel dreadful that I’m investing valuable time and neurons on the likes of the vile hominid Milo Yiannopoulos. However, following his appearance on Real Time with Bill Maher on Friday and the inevitable pearl-clutching analysis that followed, … Continue reading

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On Punching Nazis

By now many of you have probably seen or heard about the nazi Richard Spencer (leader of the “alt-right”) getting sucker-punched while giving an interview amidst inauguration protests last Friday. There has since been much gnashing of teeth over whether … Continue reading

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Five Reasons Atheists Should Oppose Trump

We’ve heard a lot since the election about how the Left needs to stop accusing Trump voters of being racist, that there were many other legitimate and complex reasons for supporting his candidacy, and that rather than accuse and assume, … Continue reading

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Ten Questions for Trump Voters that have Nothing to Do with Race

I am getting a little tired of hearing Trump apologists admonish liberals and leftists for the perpetual charges of racism against the President Elect, his closest advisors, and especially his supporters among the electorate.  “Just because he is a racist … Continue reading

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Religion in the Rear View Mirror

“There are some things about having a secular lifestyle I wish were easier. My son is now eight years old. He has friends, and he loves science and reading. I am very proud of him. I wish he had some … Continue reading

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Eight Reasons Free Will Is Total Bullshit

  If we’ve heard it once, we’ve heard it a million times: God is not responsible for the evil and suffering in the world; that is caused by humans’ misuse of their god-given free will!  Sentiments such as “Don’t blame … Continue reading

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Ten Claims of Religion That Are Mutually Exclusive

Theists have a script.  No, seriously.  They must.  How else could it be that the very first response of every single theist ever to every single atheist ever is that we are ignorant about their scriptures and their religion?  We … Continue reading

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Can’t We All Just Get Along? (Spoiler: No, We Can’t)

A couple of days ago I shared an article on my Facebook page excerpted from Dabiq, the publication of ISIS, which outlines the reason they hate non-Muslims.  It is written by ISIS; it is not the assessment of white westerners … Continue reading

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